Workskop dirigé par Jürg Lehni et Joël Vacheron


This workshop lead by Jürg Lehni and Joël Vacheron aimed to reflect upon and to trace back models that emerged in the 1950s when the mathematical theory of communication and cybernetics spread out. Students started to explore a wide range of references from the history and the theory of culture and technology. With the help of the Scriptographer software, they designed sequences of graphical representations, thus drawing conclusions on five given topics : Environment, Narrative, Protocol, Politic, Cult. The process ended up in the Drawing Conclusions books series. One contains short essays, while the other is made of pictures carefully drawn by a machine taking advantage of the inner structure of vector graphics.

With my friend Marianna Czwojdrak we purpose a drawing conclusion on Cult mostly on the Monte Verita which has served as the site of many different Utopian and cultural events and communities since the beginning of the twentieth century. Rudolf Laban operated a «School for Art» on Monte Verità, there covering many themes, including societies without nationalism, women’s rights, mystic freemasonry, and dance as art, ritual and religion.